• Original Passport with at least six (6) months of remaining validity and two (2) adjacent blank pages. (If your passport does not meet the requirements, please contact us for a passport renewal).

  • Authorization letter from the Saudi company addressed to Royal Visa Corp. (also known as a Tafweed)

  • Invitation letter from a Saudi employer authorizing the candidate for a work visa.

  • Visa block which shows exactly where the work visa has been placed.

  • Three (3) original signed copies of the medical report, which must be signed by his/her doctor. The report must be completed in its entirety and signed by a doctor and the doctor must affix his/her office seal on the report.

  • Original lab results , 3 copies and MUST include HIV and Hepatitis results , with all other requested in the medical report

  • Police report issued in the last 90 days. Please note the police report must have an original signature and a stamp from the police department.

  • For the diploma authentication please continue below to the "Diploma Requirement" section. (To expedite the visa processing, please send all the requirements for diploma authentication first, while waiting for the rest of documents for the visa)

  • Copies of all relevant certificates and training accolades
  • Prepaid return UPS or FedEx label (address should be from sender to him/herself).


-----------DIPLOMA REQUIRMENT-----------

1. Applicant contact information that includes an address, email and phone number 

2. Copy of the employment contract.

3. Copy of passport.

4. Notary Copy of college/university degree. (must be nice clear copy)

5. Updated official transcript in a sealed envelope.

6. Signed authorization letter from the applicant allowing the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission to obtain information about his/her academic record. You can find the form here 

7. Verification from the National Student  Clearing House.  Receive this verification by visiting DegreeVerify.com and providing the degree information. If this information is verified, print out a copy using the \"transaction ID number.\"

8. Please contact the college\'s registrar office for a verification letter. This letter must be in a sealed envelope.

9. Please let the college fill the form of distance learning form and must be in a sealed envelope 

10. Nurses and physicians are required to provide us with a copy of their practice license and the email and telephone number of the clinic for confirmation of the validity of the license.




 Please be aware that visa cannot be guaranteed until stamped in the passport and service fee is non refundable.

Note: Please make sure to send your document by overnight early morning service, so we can get it before the 10:00 AM.